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Trash & Recycle

The District has entered into an agreement with Rhino Removal to serve all of your trash and recycle needs.

Trash and Recycle  Pickup Schedule

  • ArrowBrooke - Friday
  • Artesia - Thursday
  • Savannah - Wednesday
All bulk trash collection is picked up on the same day as regular trash pick up.  All items and cans need to be set out before 7 am on trash day.   e do not have any bulk recycling at this time.  All recycle materials must be placed in the can labled recycle.

BULK LIMITS:  One blulk or heavy item such as a matress, couch, or appliance and 10 extra bags, boxes, small items, or yard waster per collection day. Any cardboard boxes must be broken down, bundled and clearly labeled as "TRASH" or it will not be picked up.  

For more information and what is allowed and what is not allowed, please click on this link:

Need Assistance to Report a Recycle/Trash Problem?For missed pickups or trash related questions or issues, please contact the contact Rhino Removal online at or call them directly at 469-607-4466