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Community Programs


As a service to residents the Denton County Water District Police Department is pleased to provide it's residents with the Vacation House Watch program.

Residences that are left vacant when the owners are out of town are prime targets for burglaries and vandalism. To reduce these threats, the Denton County Water District Police Department offers a Vacation House Watch service that provides increased patrols for those residents who are away from home. While the residence is on Vacation Watch, officers will routinely check the location to ensure the house and premises are secure, and will investigate any suspicious circumstances. When practical, your residence will be checked two times a day. Vacation House Watches are limited to a two week time period and are subject to officer availability.

To request a Vacation House Watch please fill out the  
Vacation House Watch Request form  and drop the form off at the police department during normal business hours. 


The Denton County Water District Police Department’s Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP) helps first responders identify children, or adults, who are unable to communicate their names or addresses due to a cognitive impairment or other special needs. Examples could include persons with Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer' s, Down Syndrome or a traumatic injury.

To enroll, a special needs individual (aided by a caregiver) completes an information sheet and supplies a photograph (digital preferred) or may pose for a photo at Denton County Water District Police Department during normal business hours. Police personnel will then accept the completed form and photograph then input the photo, physical description and other information into a specialized database within the department. The photograph and supplied information will be affixed, through the dispatch CAD system, for responding officers’ immediate access of information to assist in locating a missing loved one or to reconnect a loved one with their family.

If the individual is found wandering, police can search the database for individuals who match the physical description. With photo identification, medical information and emergency contacts easily accessible, police will be able to return the individual to caregivers quickly and safely.

Special Needs Alert Program (S.N.A.P.) Registration Form


As a service to our residents, Denton County Water District Police Department officers free bicycle registration. In registering your bike with the department, you significantly increase the chances of it being returned in the case of theft or loss. Further, it may act as an excellent tool in the event of a lost or missing child unable to give police current contact information. Contact us today to receive a bicycle registration form.


The department shall perform a records check and criminal history check on any applicant for ride-along. A person shall not ride unless approval has been granted and the waiver completed. Approval will be for no more than one specific four hour period unless special limitations or extensions are granted by the Chief of Police or Lieutenant .  Males will wear slacks and shirt with collar.  Jeans are not appropriate attire. Close toed shoes are required. Females will wear dresses or slacks and blouses. Jeans are not appropriate attire. Close toed shoes are required.

  • The observer must follow directions of the host officer.
  • The observer may be required to appear as witness in court.
  • The observer may end the ride whenever he or she wishes.


The mission of the camera registration program is to enhance the quality of life in the Denton County Fresh Water Supply District #10 community through a partnership with Denton County Water District Police Department.

The purpose of the program is to identify businesses and residences with video surveillance systems and or Ring doorbell systems that may capture potential incident(s) in publicly viewable areas. The recording would be used to assist the investigation of that incident(s) allowing for crime deterrence and resolution of the incident.
Once the registration form is submitted, police investigators may contact you to inquire if an incident has been recorded on your system and to request a copy of that recording.

Participation in this program is strictly voluntary, without remuneration and can be withdrawn at any time.

To participate in the program please complete the registration form and return to the police department front desk Monday through Friday 8a-5pm.
Camera Registration Form