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Information regarding upcoming changes to our trash collection policies and schedules.

Dear Residents,

Your water district is working with our waste provider, Rhino Removal, to increase compliance with proper residential trash disposal.  Many residents are improperly setting out extra wet kitchen trash as “bulk”.  Effective December 1, 2020, Rhino Removal will no longer be picking up bagged, wet kitchen garbage that has been placed outside of the cart.  Residents that generate too much trash volume for their carts will need to purchase an extra cart.

Due to the increased volumes of trash being produced by residents, bulk pick up days will also be reduced in order to keep monthly rates as low as possible.  Starting December 1, 2020, bulk trash pick up will be on the second and fourth week of every month.  Please remember, bagged, wet kitchen trash is not considered bulk waste and will no longer be picked up on bulk trash days.

Please see the below information regarding upcoming changes to our trash collection policies and schedules:

Important Changes to Trash and Recycle

Effective December 1, 2020

 Due to the effects of COVID there has been a significant increase in residential trash volumes.  As people continue to work from home, we need your help to ensure all trash is bagged and placed in carts.

If your normal weekly trash will not fit inside your cart, please order an additional cart(s) as content outside of cart will no longer be collected weekly.

An additional monthly fee of $6.75 will apply for the second cart.

Bulk/Extra Trash: Collected on 2nd and 4th weeks of each month on normal collection day

  • Two bulk items such as a mattress, couch, appliance or boxes unable to fit in trash cart.
  • 10 smaller items such as bags and boxes.
  • 6 piles of limbs in individual piles, each being 3’x3’x3’.
  • No construction or contractor produced material.

All trash (non-bulk) MUST be in trash cart(s).

Nothing outside of the cart will be collected on non-bulk weeks.

Place lawn clippings in trash cart.

Recycling: No changes.  Rhino Removal will continue to pickup boxes outside of recycle cart that are broken down and bundled.

Boxes not broken-down will be treated as bulk or not collected.

To order an additional cart please log on to

Click:  Communities

Click:  Extra Cart

Fill in information and your cart will be delivered on Friday.

An additional monthly fee of $6.75 will apply for the second cart.

Collection Guideline Changes