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Message from Richard Deggs, Chief of Police

With new technology and smart phones, smart watches and smart homes that allows a device to lock & unlock doors to your home or open your garage also comes new innovative ways hackers create to obtain your information, your identity and your personal affects in order to further their criminal act. These acts cause you financial hardship(s) and personal embarrassment if you fail to pay them to regain your personal affects. Be smarter then they are, do not accept or click on links unless you are expecting the link from a legitimate business. Even then, read the entire message including the small print at the bottom and where the message originated from. There are many cases in which hackers "cloned" legitimate business email accounts to send messages out to their customer data base trying to gain access to new victims. The more technology and devices you use or up load to or save to the more hackers have access to YOU.
Next, always review all statement(s) of your accounts. It is not uncommon hackers will gain access into an account and only remove 10 to 25 dollars at a time to keep from being noticed. You would think that amount is very small so why bother... multiply that amount by the thousands of accounts they may be withdrawing from, that is the reason.
Have a great day and enjoy the "Texas" weather!